Sunday 24 June 2018

designing a card...

Have had a rocky month but am back creating and doodling and meeting a challenge for a craft group I'm part of - PopFizzPaper Crafty Club via Patreon. It's run by an exceptional paper crafter called Dani. I love her YouTube tutorial videos - simple, straightforward, quality work which is full of colour. I like how she comes across - important for me as some of the more exuberant and flashy YouTubers can seem a little disconnected from reality. A lot of social media is illusion, which can be fun, but for me it's worth connecting with someone who presents a more real persona.

The challenge was to create a rainbow themed card. I decided on a greetings card that said 'rainbow angel you add colour to my world'...yes, a little cheesy. I had an image in mind of a daft looking angel with cherubic wings (angelic L-driver?) and wanted to use a shaker-rosette that Dani shows how to make.

Printed Dani's paint&salt rainbow downloadable and made a rosette with small backing card. Measured the depth and cut a small band of card to prevent any shaker beads from escaping through the spaces.

There's nothing worse when you drop the only bit of clear acetate you have onto glue and have to improvise. Found a really old stash (1988) of gel samples and choose a very pale pink to make the window. A circle of card hides the joins.

By now I knew exactly what I wanted to create - a dorky angel with an oversized askew halo and tiny wonky wings. Drew the figure and attached moveable wings to the back. After placing onto the rosette/halo I added a loose rainbow of sticky gems.

FInished off the card with the message written inside in an arty font. It celebrates all those of us who share and spread a little colour in the world - I reckon we're Rainbow Angels...

Watch the video of the finished card: 

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