Monday 17 July 2017

thinking stuff...

My problem is that I wish I were the kind of artist that is instantly recognisable for her work. You know, I do a certain kind of genre and use a certain kind of medium and have developed it over years as an artist and even earn a living at what I do. But I'm not that person, have never been.

Instead I like to take something and go with it until I'm satisfied I've done enough of it. And then I turn to working with paper or fabric, I make jewellery, I draw comics or I decorate found objects. The down side of all this is although I can turn my hand to pretty anything I try I don't feel as though 'I'm an artist'. And when I describe myself as an artist there's a tiny part of me that thinks I'm fibbing.

I suppose I should both be satisfied that I enjoy what I do and revel in the fact that I'm multi-able. 

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