Friday 5 May 2017

sketchbook April/May 20017

Started a new sketchbook in April, a small Winsor & Newton 4 1/2ins x 5 1/2ins, spiral bound. 170gsm paper.

I also picked up a box of watercolour crayons from Tiger. Didn't know how these were going to work as crayons are waxy but there was a certain amount of soluble colour mixed with them. So they could be used as crayons and also as watercolours with a bit of waxy texture added.

I left pencil lines from each loose sketch, colouring over the top. Another layer of crayons and water could be used once the previous layer had dried. I liked the texture that remained.

Used pentel brush pen in black over the surface of a few drawings and added some white acrylic paint pen.

The black can give a sinister feeling to the drawings.

A background of texture from layers of white acrylic made the watercolour washes from the crayons more visually interesting.

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